Beware when you go along with the person who is a racist and moron …. waiting for a chance to humiliate you and your own race!

Do the right gesture or don’t do at all if you have bad intention!

Year of the dragon ….. A promising year for Pakatan Rakyat, especially Penang’s.

One man’s prediction is another man’s dream ….

Malaysians expecting the expected surprises ……

The rainny season has began and hence the frogs are started to jump again ….

So what? You can call me ‘godfather’ or ‘warlord’ but I will never feel hurt because it’s not going to burn a hole in my pocket.

This only happens in 1Malaysia with 2 Systems ….Malaysian banned from entering another State of Malaysia !!

See, even DAP’s top leader is not afraid to take the risk!

Definition of NFC ….

NFC = No Further Consequences. This is 100% Malaysia Boleh ….

MCA leaders in Japanese costumes. Dressed to impress …..

The famous and infamous Mr. Jobs …..